With Texas DHIA, you and your consulting staff will join forces with the best in the business when it comes to software and records analysis.  It begins with one of our QC certified field service technicians in your parlor.  We record the milk production and collect milk samples from each cow.  Then data is left on your computer and processed through your choice of DRPC. 

We currently work with the following dairy records processing companies: DRMS (Dairy Records Management Systems), Amelicor (previously Provo), or AgriTech Analytics.  We also work with the four major herd management software programs including PCDART, DHI-Plus, DairyComp, and BoviSync.

Once the test is complete, your samples will come to one of our two labs.  Your milk samples will be analyzed for the following components:

  • Butterfat

  • Protein

  • SCC (Somatic Cell Count)

  • Lactose

  • SNF (Solids Non Fat)

  • Total Solids

  • MUN (Milk Urea Nitrogen)

  • Ketosis Screening (BHB & Acetone)



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